26 Mar, 2024

Why should I consider hiring an assistant to help with my online course?

Why should I consider hiring an assistant to help with my online course?

Furthering my education will improve my career growth prospects and nourish my passion for learning. I can afford to enroll in my desired online course, but I am short of time due to work and family commitments. I want hands-on experience in my online course. I need to read and understand the concepts, and I do not intend to hire someone to take the course on my behalf. I desire to get an assistant who will help me stay on track and ensure that I submit my assignments on time and meet the deadline requirements. I will log in to my online course, interact with the weekly learning material and attempt the assignments. I will write assignment drafts and get sources, and throughout this process, I get to grasp the concepts being taught and understand my expected learning outcomes.

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I will share my written drafts, instructions, rubrics, and other related material and set my deadline with my assistant. My assistant will help structure my assignments to ensure I meet the requirements, such as using the correct academic formatting style, meeting the required word count, and using credible and recently published sources. My assistant will return a well-done draft that I will read through to improve my comprehension of the concepts. I will do a comprehensive review, make edits where needed and submit my work on time with the assurance that I have met all the requirements. The assistant can help me with 2-to 3 classes per semester to expedite my online course, and I am guaranteed high grades.

ACHwriters.com, comprised of professionals with varied academic backgrounds and industry expertise, offers comprehensive educational support to working individuals. Feel free to contact us to discuss your course requirements and establish a customized working arrangement tailored to your needs.

You can contact our team leader at denis@achwriters.com or call the phone number provided. You can also text via WhatsApp or the inbuilt chat option on the website

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